On the Streets - with Hamilton Perkins Collection

Founded in 2014, my history with Hamilton Perkins goes back to almost the beginning. We initially partnered to shoot a number of product and lifestyle based around one of his first “Earth Bag” collections way back in 2016. Since then, Hamilton has come along way from his humble beginning. When we first worked together he was working out of an innovation center at Old Dominion University and has since moved into his first brick and mortar pop-up shop located within the MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Virginia. While also expanding his product line to include everything from totes, wallets, cross body bags, t-shirts, and even an upgraded formal of the original “Earth Bag” that crossed over from backpack to duffel. And it was this upgraded: Earth Bag Premium that I got to take for a spin with me when on my trip to New York City this past week (See images below).

The Earth Bag itself was light and versatile. I specifically chose in in the Natural color to fit my look be it formal or casual (and shot here wearing a nice mix between the two styles). And the ability to shift from duffel to backpack came in handy during the many impromptu photo shoots that take place during men’s week (the reason for the trip initially). Needless to say, the bag held up well despite how hectic the tip can be at times. And will be seeing its own fair share of use in the months to come.

Photo Jun 04, 12 37 05 AM.jpg

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