A Blast From the Past

Many people who follow my Instagram now would not know this, because it happened long before I even started using my page as a means to showcase my personal style.  But there was once a time where my page was actually fully a personal use account, and during that time I had a friend who was pursuing photography for his career. He and I got together and did a shoot at on old abandoned warehouse using an old film camera he was experimenting with. Unfortunately the results of that shoot is like lost treasure at this point, as I have long deleted the few shots I posted from my account during the transition into a menswear page and sadly cannot find the original documents holding the pictures. But shortly after that shoot he moved to Portland, taking a studio job there. Recently though he returned to the 757 (Virginia) and another shoot was necessary. We met up at The Cure in Downtown Norfolk and took to the streets to find dope lighting and sick views to shoot and I am quite content with the results.

This is just a small dose of everything we shot, as there were actually hundreds of shots taken, and to be quite honest that's just way to many for a single blog post. 

The Fit

  • Turtleneck : snagged from Topman while at their location in the Mall of America last fall which is unfortunately unavailable now
  • Jacket : copped from H&M just a couple weeks back from their Norfolk location. I could not find it on their site.
  • Watch : Sent to me by AMANT Watches, the "london" timepiece is now easily my go-to black strap watch. Available Here
  • Shoes : they are the Magnanni "Marco" single monk strap. Available Here
  • Trousers : from Zara, just a simple black trouser. Bought while in NYC this past Feburary. 

And if you want to check out Luke's work for yourself click Here to check out his website.