Menswear - Canali Spring/Summer 2020 Collection(s)

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On June 12th, amid the hustle and bustle of buyers and press attending the illustrious Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. Italian menswear brand Canali debuted their new Spring/Summer 2020 collection to viewers on social media and attendees of the event itself. The presentation channeled an ambiance that almost demands praise for the effortless blend of formality and informality, promoting an essence of the modern summer socialite. A youthful figure spending a relaxing afternoon with friends alongside good conversation, cold cocktails, and friendly board games. This was the sentiment echoed by each individual model sporting pieces from the collection, spread out in a sea of neutral colors, various textures, and adorned with bright white cotton caps. All pretending to mix drinks, gossip, and pose alongside Canali branded bicycles or pieces from their luggage line.



The collection itself is a refreshing dash of trendy urban styles against a canvas of classic menswear, with classic summer fabrics like linen and various linen-blends mixed in with suede, cotton, and jersey. Their take on suiting this collection is much more relaxed, sporting a softer silhouette combined with layered polos over crew neck t-shirts and sweaters. More casual looks include various field jackets, blazers, or bombers with either linen-blend trousers or bermuda shorts.



But this season, the classic line presented at Pitti was only one-half of what Canali had to bring to the table. The second piece to their collection this season was shown days later on June, 15th at Canali’s flagship store in Milan; and was an assortment of sportier and more experimental articles under the title, The Black Edition. Representing a new direction for the brand, and seemingly aimed at a significantly different if not a wholly opposite demographic. It is a full realization of their FW19 capsule collection of the same name (pictured below), taking the slightly more reserved approach from that shorter line and evolving it into full fledged industrial/urban selection that could arguably stand on its own against some of the other trendy tech styles that have been making a greater and greater presence in the street wear scene. Regardless, this new branch of the Canali fashion family will be a must watch in the seasons to come as the fashion house continues to evolve and find its course.

Pictured above: Canali The Black Edition Fall/Winter 2019 Capsule Collection

While unfortunately we’re going to have to wait a little while before the items covered here begin making their way to closets around the world, it’s not too soon to begin introducing Canali to your wardrobe at home. Selections from their current seasonal fabrics can both help to enhance your look this summer and add some foundation from which to build off from once Spring/Summer 2020 begins to drop. And with a couple warmer months still ahead, its not too late yet to take advantage of the choices (and the sales!) from Spring/Summer 2019. Recommended options include retro styled knitwear like their polos or short sleeve crew necks for that “not too casual” simple summer evening (hello chinos & white sneakers!); or layer under one of their summer suits for a more formal approach.

Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Black Edition Spring/Summer 2020

Canali Spring/Summer 2020 Collection | Florence

Canali Black Edition Spring/Summer 2020 | Milan

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