Two Ways to Stand Out in Denim This Season

So spring is almost here! Time to switch out those sweaters and overcoats for t-shirts and light/breathable fabrics. But there's obviously something that will still be holding its special place in all of our closets or dressers even though the weather is getting warmer, and that special something is denim. Guys wear jeans year round, that's no secret. And the jeans you wear (similar to the shoes you choose) say a lot about you. They have the power to make or break your outfit, and a good fitting pair of jeans looks great on any guy. I recently had the privilege to partner with Topman to help them show you all some of the best pieces of denim from their current collection (and some of the best I've ever had for their price-point. $60 each for both pairs I got. Its crazy!) and some tips on how to style them.

Look #1

For my first look I wanted to play off of a classic menswear piece, the cricket sweater. But I had a goal to keep it as close to streetwear as I possibly could. The solution, a pair of their powder blue stretch skinny jeans and a pair of white sneakers. With the entire fit head-to-toe Topman the real MVP of this look was the jeans, they kept the silhouette of the look trim and well kept enough to be able to pass at your local upscale bistro, but still laid back and casual enough to be able to kick back and watch the game with the boys. 

You can shop the jeans I'm wearing Here or you can check out the whole outfit Here

Look #2

With my first outfit borrowing so many elements from classic menswear. I wanted my second outfit to be something that really any guy can be comfortable wearing while still setting themselves apart and looking good while doing it. So I decided to switch it up and go with the road less traveled, black jeans. Paired with your not so average graphic t-shirt and cream sneakers (which plays nicely off the cream lettering in the shirt) for a look any guy can rock weather he be a college student or a dad who hasn't lost his grip on style just yet. Now, while it is true that black denim is just as versatile as blue denim if not more so. And can easily be styled to be just as dressed up (e.g. black denim, white button up, brown dress boots, brown waistcoat, and a brown watch) I chose to show how any average guy can set himself apart with this up and coming denim style. Best worn on an evening at the bar, or a relaxing weekend day off.

Shop the jeans i'm wearing Here or check out the whole outfit Here

Also if you're interested, i've been able to snag you all some coupons! (because I know we all like getting stuff for less) so you can check all those out Here

And of course, you can see these items and any others by visiting their website Here

All images shot by Luke Rieke

Thank you for reading!