First Of the New Year // What I've Been Up Too

So it's no secret its been a little while since i put out a new blog post. Rest assured this is not because I am losing focus on what I do, but instead this lack of posts during this first month is a result of both a hectic schedule, planning out what looks to be a crazy 2018 and preparing tons and tons of content for you all. I'm going to use today's post to kind of give you all a couple quick previews on the content I've been making for several different brands, as well as what is to come in the next couple months. I don't want to go too deep into my coming plans for the year though, as I am still working those out and what I do have already would take up way too much room if I'm combining it with what I've been doing. Instead I will be making a separate blog post later this week talking to you all about my long term plans for 2018 and what you should expect to be seeing more of and less of, as well as where I see my life going through this new year.

What I've Been Up Too


As usual, I've been hard at work making content for watch collective Vincero and I must say this is some of my most impressive content to date. They've sent me quite a few watches to shoot and it's been a pretty busy time putting together all these outfits for each piece, but the end product always justifies the process of taking the images. But in my opinion that's half the fun.

Filippo Loreti

And while we're on the subject of watches, I've had the incredible opportunity to create content for watch brand Filippo Loreti and I can whole heartily say that this is one collaboration I was extremely excited about. The watch itself is just stunning, and If you know me personally you know that I find myself wearing it way too often. I'm still in the process of shooting two more outfits with this watch so be sure to keep an eye out for alot more with it.

Photo Jan 18, 6 16 45 PM.jpg

Kapten & Son

Now this is a brand I'm hoping many of you are familiar with. Kapten & Son has managed to gather a massive presence on social media, which is why I was blown away when I was contacted to help promote their new backpack line. I currently have two of three outfits shot for the brand, so expect so see a bit more from them and how I am styling their products.

What To Expect in the Next Few Months

Finally we've come to the park where I go a little bit into what ill be working on in the coming month or so. First off, Starting next week I will be in NYC for this season of New York Fashion Week so expect a flood of content from that trip on Instagram and my blog during and after that week. Including shots from the shows, my looks, and looks of the different street styles seen around the event. Then following February into march I'm going to be working on revamping and updating my website again. Its been a long time since I've taken the time to update everything on here. And I want to keep growing my platform as I grow myself to reflect that. So expect an even better layout, seperation of the different articles I'll be writing, and an updated "about me" page with an updated list of all the brands I've had the pleasure of working with. And finally, I plan on expanding the type of blog posts I'll be putting out, from style challenges, to trend opinion pieces, and more posts about lifestyle and not just fashion. You could even potentally start seeing more video content from me in the future, you never know. 

But let me know what you'd like to see from me this year! leave a comment, shoot me an email, or DM me on my social media. I always love to hear from you all.