Beating The Heat but in Black

With summer coming rapidly to an end we dont have many months left to enjoy those summer fabrics and shorts that are primarily dominant during those warmer summer months and before you know it the season for layering will be back in full force. But while we still have a few of those warm weeks left I figured I would take full advantage of it. 

Photo Aug 13, 3 39 51 PM.jpg

Here I decided to go with a more monochromatic outfit to bring out the bold pattern on the front of the pants. For the top I decided to pair a plain black v-neck tee to match the pants and main body of the sneakers then tuck it in for character. Then of course the main eye catcher of the outfit was the patterned linen pants by Zara. The loose and flowing linen fabric made these perfect for the humidity that day with any light breeze flowing seamlessly through the material. And for the bottom portion of the outfit I wore my new ECCO soft VII black leather sneakers. Obviously, the black leather paired extremely well with the other predominately black pieces I was wearing, but the contrasting white sole was complimented equally by the details of white in the pants. Finish it all off with some silver jewelry and I had the perfect outfit to stay cool both literally and figuratively while I enjoy the final weeks of the summer.

Shirt: Calvin Klein available Here

Pants: Zara but no longer available

Shoes: ECCO Soft VII sneaker available Here