Back In Action with Fossil

Recently I was given the pleasure to collaborate with Fossil Group, Inc. a major company most famous for its name brand "Fossil" and the watches and bags they provide for both men and women. Now I have been a fan of fossil for many years now, with one of my very first dress watches being a fossil, and my first leather satchel also being a fossil bag. And with the rise in popularity of smart watches in the past year or so, i was given the honor of taking a few of their hybrid smartwatches for a spin. Now what some of you may or may not be aware of is that Fossil Group, Inc. owns several other well known brands aside from "Fossil" such as Skagen Denmark, Michael Kors, and Zodiac watches to just name a few. Of these brands i was sent the Fossil Q "Grant" Hybrid Smart Watch, the Skagen Connected Hybrid Smart Watch, and the Michael Kors Access Smart Watch. 

#1 Fossil Q "Grant"

Sleek and classic at the same time, the Fossil Q "Grant" was arguably my favorite out of the three and has a permanent spot is my usual watch rotation at this point. Aside from its beautiful design the smart watch interface is extremely simple once you understand how it works. Once opening the watch you are instructed on how to download the app and sync the watch to your phone. Once synced you are able to program what each of the buttons on the side of the watch do and the selections are absolutely incredible. From being able to completely control your music, track your steps, set off an alarm if you misplace your phone, to even rotate all the hands to point out the days date. For this watch i went with a slightly more dressed up outfit mostly because i felt this was the dressier watch of the three. The tones of blue in the outfit paired well with the brown in the strap.

#2 Skagen Connected

The second watch was from a different brand owned by Fossil, Skagen Denmark. Just like the previous watch this hybrid smart watch shared the exact same interface and set up procedure from the skagen app you download at the beginning to the selection of functions for the side buttons of the watch. However unlike the previous watch the design for this watch seemed alot more casual and so I styled it as such. Now with its minimalist design it could still easily be paired with a suit to work in a more dressed up ensamble I chose to dress this one down a bit with a simple burgundy polo, black distressed denim, and suede wingtip dress boots. 

#3 Michael Kors Access

Unlike the other two watches, the Michael Kors Access Smart Watch was fully touchscreen, with a completely customize able interface from the face design to the layout of what the watches commands were. You can set it to receive emails, text messages, phone calls, and you can even track a light workout routine. Even now I am still learning everything this incredible watch is fully capable of. As far as how I chose to style it, i figured with its more modern design it would be more suited to a somewhat streetwear inspired outfit. I went with a basic white Henley Tee, light distressed denim, suede chelsea boots, and a cotton biker jacket.