NYFWM: The Shows Day 2 & 3

Day 2

With day one now officially behind us, it was time to take day two head on. We had to find our way down to the main venue for mens fashion week, Skylight Clarkson Sq located right on the edge of Greenwich VIllage on the lower East side of manhattan for London based menswear designer Feng Chen Wang and her latest collection.

Immediately after that show we made our way over to the adjacent studio for what would be the highlight of the day, Nick Graham and his themed runway show titled "Atlantis". We were held in suspense as we waited for the show to begin, with soothing music playing in the background as underwater projections were shown on the back wall where the models were to exit the runway. Within 15 minutes the show was underway, and what a show it was! It opened with a white clad woman walking the set as a brief explanation of the history of Atlantis played through the speakers, as she exited the runway the show officially began. One by one the models would walk the isles showing off Nick's incredible collection with slight added details to bring the theme to life. As the finale reached its climax and each model began taking their places at set stands around the room, the show reached its end with a triumphant walk down the runway by the designer himself.

From there we left Skylight to make our way to Cadillac house a few blocks down for Robert Geller's latest presentation. For this show we really made a return to the street wear aesthetic from day one but with his own unique style. The presentation was presented in waves, where each set of models would walk out from their respective color themed doors with their accompanying monochromatic outfits. Among the many street wear brands who presented this season, this collection was definitely one of the few that really stood out from the crowd and paved their own lane. The uniquely styled jackets and matching shirt and pant styles provided a fresh look at a very saturated type of style.

We finished out day 2 back at Skylight with Patrik Ervell's collection at seven that evening. The collection seemed to be full of the baggy/over sized look we saw several times the day before but this time accompanied by very large, bulky sneakers. Those alongside the scattered and very brightly colors rain coats in the collection did not necessarily stand out to me like some of the collections before it, and if I am being quite honest I was even slightly turned off by the combination of the collection and footwear choice.

Day 3

It was another early morning for the third day, we had to quickly make our way back down to Skylight for EFM Enginerred For Motion at 10am. And for being the first show of the day they definitely made an impression! Their collection had a very futuristic vibe to it, from the styling of the suits, and individual pieces, to the almost wire like makeup applied to the models. The highlight however was the intermission between the main show and the finale, during which musician/actor Mack Wilds gave a live performance of his song "Explore" down the runway that fit effortlessly into the aesthetic of the show and in and of itself made this show a favorite of mine from the entire week.  

The second show of the was was a presentation by You As and their new SS18 collection. With a very retro vibe they made their impression on this season with the implication of a very disco vibe using bright neon lights in a dim lit room with smoke machines adding to the ambiance of the show. The collection it itself stood out with their bright patterned shirts and standout jacket/pant combinations making for a very captivating presentation.

Following a brief intermission for lunch, we returned to Skylight to see swimwear brand Parke & Ronen's collection, and I cant say I was too disappointed. Although not too much can go too wrong with a collection mostly consisting in a large variety of swimwear and a few select polo's, jackets, and shorts.

We then immediately went into a very reggae themed show by Landlord, who stood out from the crowd with their accompanying collection, The many bright island themed colors and pieces along with the music set the tone for a very exciting climax to our third day.

All in all I was very pleased about many of the shows from both days, with many solid presentations by each individual brand/designer. And with my obvious personal preferences aside I was thoroughly impressed by each show and the unique take on style and presentation from each show i attended.