NYFWM: The Shows Day 1

As some of you may know, last week I had the pleasure to return to NYC for the next season of New York Fashion Week Men's to witness many brands latest collections for the SS18 season. The event kicked off on Monday the 10th and our first stop was part 1 of New York Men's Day, a separate event from the shows held at Skylight Clarkson Sq and held at a separate venue but still very much part of fashion week. Generally NYMD is held to start off the week on day 1. We arrived at Dune Studios around 10 in the morning in order to grab a quick cup of coffee before heading in. At 10:30am sharp the opened the doors and the many fashionistas waiting to enter began making their way up the steps and into the main building. Once inside the hallway led too an open cafe where attendees could grab coffee and assorted other beverages before beginning through the several seperate studios down a large hallway, each studio containing a separate presentation.

The first presentation of NYMD was David Hart who's collection was easily the highlight of that first part of men's day. The presentation was very summer and tropical themed, with models taking turns walking down the front walkway and making their way to the back of their respective lines, all while carrying a large cigar in one hand. 

The next stop for the first part of men's day was Krammer & Stoudt who continued their streak of yet another solid collection displayed at nymd. The slightly tropical theme continued from the previous presentation but still managed to feel fresh with the contrast in the style of clothing.

Third on the list was a South Korean based brand, WOODHOUSE who debuted their new S/S18 collection. Which consisted of many bright colors, see through and tank tops and very interesting trouser designs. Many of which a more street wear inclined individual would find very captivating.

Then we proceeded to the next studio, where HEAD OF STATE+ had there collection on display. Many of those pieces i found particularly interesting, and many of which i would want to try and style myself. I was particularly impressed with their pinstripe jumpsuit and pattern trousers.

And to wrap up part 1 of men's day, we came to the Daniel Hechter presentation. Similar to David Hart i was thoroughly impressed by this collection (although bias due to my personal preferences) especially with many of their blazer and shorts designs.

Then after a nice break to jump across town to get something to eat, we returned to DUNE Studios around 4:30pm to witness the second part of the New York Men's Day presentations. And up first, was Private Policy New York with their new SS18 collection

Immediately following them, we moved onto the next studio where Descendant of Thieves immediately stunned us with their latest collection. But aside from their collection which included some incredible pieces their presentation was equally as fantastic with each of the models rotating from station to station with masks set up at each to cover their face.

But the highlight of the second part of men's day was easily Maiden Noir who's simple presentation beautifully displayed all their different pieces, many of which i would want to wear myself. One trend I seemed to notice with their collection was the reintorduction of the 80's "dad" style shirts but in a very modern aesthetic that i can fully get behind. 

Then we were came to R.SWIADER who brought us back to the familiar street style vibe but with a new refreshing twist that almost seems military inspired or like something out of a science fiction movie. But the way in which they brought the collection to modern times was genius in execution.  

Next came Heliot Emil and their street wear inspired collection. Returning to the trend of slightly looser fitting pieces but still keeping it to a comfortable norm when in regards to street wear. 

And finally we wrapped up with night with Life In Perfect Disorder's presentation who's collection was right up there with many of the other street wear collections we had seen through out the day.