A Watch for Any Occasion

It's been no secret I've been doing a lot of work involving watches lately. One such collaboration was with Kenneth Cole to help promote their new watch line as well as the official launch of their Kenneth Cole Time Instagram page ( Here ). The basis of the collaboration was to style four different watches for four different occasions a man might find himself in during an average week. A business meeting, any average weekday, a nice evening out, or laid back downtime. For each event I took a watch to match and built an outfit to pair. Keep reading to see how I styled them and which occasion I paired which watch.

Business Meeting


The first occasion that I had to style is "business meeting" using my two-tone stainless steel silver/rose gold watch. To keep with the occasion, I matched the watch with a deep navy blue suit as would be common in any workplace, but my ideal job would allow me to pair sneakers with my suit so that is the option I went with. Add in a light blue check shirt and deep blue paisley tie and the ensamble is complete.




For the second occasion, I had to put something together to show how I'd style during downtime. A simple day out with no obligations or set plans, so naturally this had to be the most laid back outfit of them all. I opted for the same white sneakers from my previous outfit but this time with a pair of distressed black jeans, a light brown v-neck tee, and a back collared jacket from H&M. For this outfit I decided to pair it with the silver stainless steel automatic watch to add a nice pop against the black. Easily achievable and simplistic, it is the ideal outfit to just relax and lounge around in. 


Social Evening

Photo Oct 04, 3 48 05 PM (1).jpg

Naturally, for the social evening I could not go too dressed up or too casual. And the watch I chose was no exception. A nice brown leather watch with a rose gold case and slight red tint to the face was the perfect choice to complement the crew neck sweater, white chinos, and woven cap-toe brogues. Casual but still making an impression, this outfit would best be suited for a night on the town, dinner, or going out to a nice holiday party.

Photo Oct 04, 3 47 03 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 04, 3 46 16 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 04, 4 01 39 PM (1).jpg


Photo Nov 30, 3 14 29 PM.jpg

And finally for the last occasion, any basic weekday. This means after work or a day where work is not a worry. Go grab a cup of coffee, run some errands, or just go grab a drink with friends this look has you covered. The watch is a simple brown leather with a off white face and a small diamond in the upper middle. Paired with a slightly heavier statement cardigan, basic white t-shirt, blue jeans, and boots for a look that will catch peoples eye without making it look like youre trying too hard.

Photo Nov 30, 3 23 26 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 30, 3 18 10 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 30, 3 10 47 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 30, 3 09 07 PM.jpg

Don't forget to check out www.kennethcole.com to see these and the rest of their watch collection! Also be sure to comment and let me know what you thought! Which watch/outfit was your favorite and why?