The Boots of the Season

Those who have been following me for awhile now know that I am a man of preferences, and the clothes I wear are no exception. Now that doesn't mean that I am opposed to trying new things at all, but does mean that there are certain brands that I hold in higher regards than others simply due to many years of continued dependability on their end. And for me, Johnston & Murphy is one of those brands. From even before I really knew what I was doing when it came to fashion I was aware of who Johnston & Murphy was, so naturally you can imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity a few months back to help promote their new F/W line.


They sent me three different pairs of shoes, two boots, and a pair of oxfords. The two boots were both a rich dark mahogany with a killer wooden finish to the leather. One was a plain toe boot with a zipper going up each side of the boot to allow access without any laces or elastic, with a dark patina at the tip for contrast. The second boot was more of a classic round toe wingtip boot with a similar patina at the tip.  The oxfords were also brown but instead more of a rich cognac, with a striking contrast between the smooth leather around the tip and lower end of the shoe and a rough textured appearence to the leather around the mouth.

#1 - The Cartwright


For this boot, I decided to play off the slightly more formal look of the boot and pair it with a nice button up and chinos. I chose white for the pants because it is both out of season and thus would typically be considered harder to style in a fall outfit and because it creates a nice level of contrast with the boots and allows for more color to be used in the outfit. Enter the blue shirt, which plays nicely off the white pants and keep the entire outfit from looking like a mess of earthy tones (not that there is anything wrong with that). And finally the green workers jacket, which was a nice alternative to a classic blazer but still nice enough to complement this nicer take to casual wear. And then green obviously to pair with the brown boots.

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#2 - The Cormac

Photo Oct 10, 12 21 00 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 10, 12 10 23 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 10, 12 11 51 PM.jpg

For the second boot, I decided to take it down a step as far as the formality of the outfit and go for something a little more relaxed. The plain detailing on the boot was perfect for this as it let me experiment more with layering in the outfit without the shoes making it seem like too much. The chinos were a very very dark olive which matched well with the brown boots, and was still just enough color to help separate it with the tan in the sweater. Then finally a denim shirt under the sweater for some added layers, but left untucked and folded over the sleeves of the sweater for added personality. 

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#3 - The Fielden Cap Toe

Photo Nov 12, 3 02 34 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 12, 3 01 33 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 12, 3 08 47 PM.jpg

Then it was all out for the final shoe. Being a very distinct pair of oxfords, I had to do something to complement the versatility of this shoe. While it can be worn casually due to the plain tip of the shoe, formal is also an option based on the contrasting texture of the leather near the mouth. To get a nice touch of both worlds I went with a dark brown turtleneck to play off the shoes, while mixing a dark blue double breasted blazer and dark blue jeans, cuffed twice to show off the tan socks with a matching watch to complete the look.

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So which shoe is your favorite? And what brand is your preference? Leave a comment below!