A Bag of Choice


As I'm sure many of you know, a good bag goes a very long way. Be it a carry all, duffel, briefcase, or backpack. In one form or another we will always find ourselves in need of one at some point. So why not make yours unique? Recently I had the pleasure of receiving my own custom monogrammed carry all bag from MAHI leather goods to keep, style, and try out. And just in time too, with so many short trips coming up before the new year arrives it couldn't have been better timing.


The bag itself is a very rustic cowhide leather, the type that only gets better and more personality the more use you put into it. And on the side I had my initials embroidered on the side in a beautiful contrasting cream stitching.  The bag itself feels extremely durable like any well made leather bag should, and can easily hold enough to be your only piece of luggage during a small weekend trip.


My experience working with the brand was a very pleasant one, apon finalizing the collaboration I made my bag choice, then chose the color stitching I wanted for the embroidery, gave them my initials (although I'm sure if your heart desires you can put anything you want there), or you may also leave it without embroidery if that isn't really your thing. and finalized my selection. The bags themselves are also quite reasonably priced for the quality you're getting, with most bags sitting comfortably close to the $150 range. So you would not have to dish out a good chunk of change for a leather bag as you would have to with other brands.  


So in conclusion, my experience working with the brand and my initial use of the bag has all been extremely pleasant.  The bag itself is an amazing quality, and will be seeing so much use from here on out (it does a fairly good job of holding several outfits at a time when I've got a big day of shooting ahead of me).  

If you are interested in the specific leather hold all I chose then click: Here 

And to see the rest of their selection then visit their website: mahileather.com

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