Jose Barbour X HamiltonPerkins

Several months ago, i sat down with young Entrepreneur Hamilton to discuss a possible collaboration between his up and coming line "HamiltonPerkins Collection" and myself. From the moment we sat down for the first time back in October I knew this was going to be a project i would love working on. As he explained how is bags are made and the story behind them, I knew this was a brand I needed to work with. We decided to take the campaign in two parts, the first we shot shortly before Christmas we met up and shot a range of his new bags, many of the two tone colors with more urban and street wear based outfits. Then as the holiday season and new years past we met up again early in January, and set off for Richmond to shoot the remaining bags. And what a trip it was! We crammed in several outfits with the different bags we brought to shoot, this time pairing a few of his more solid color bags and backpack bag styles with more dapper/gentleman style outfits. We ended up shooting almost the whole day away before finally unwinding at a local deli with quite possibly one of the best sandwiches i've ever had. Ultimately this was an experience I will not forget, and i will be a fan of the HamiltonPerkins Collection for years to come!


If you want to check out his collection for yourself then click Here