Is it versatile? Three ways i styled my maroon suit.

As anyone who has been following me for any amount of time knows, I am a big fan of unique colors and patterns on my suits and accessories, and my Details on Granby suit is no exception. Maroon is one of my all time favorite colors, so when the time came for me to start putting together outfits for New York Fashion Week Men's back in July, I knew i wanted my first bespoke piece to be that color. But how versatile is a color that bold? With my camera in hand I decided to see how many different outfits i could put together while incorporating different pieces from my wardrobe and finally i came up with three.  My first outfit (pictured above) and second (pictured below) are both more dapper outfits with the first being the most formal of them all. With the choice of loafers with socks vs. sneakers and no-show socks like in the second outfit, no rolled cuffs on the sleeves, and no extra additions (like the sweater) my first outfit succeeds in bringing the traditional Italian style to the streets of Norfolk. My third outfit however (bottom picture) was much more casual, featuring a classic white Henley tee and light wash denim (both from Cotton On), a simple brown woven belt, my Adidas superstars, and just the jacket for that added pop of color. So what are your guys thoughts on all three fits? What color would your dream suit be? Let me know on Instagram or in the comments below!