Combos are better in two's - with OTAA Australia

Earlier this summer OTAA Australia launched their newest collection consisting of many crazy different paisley, floral, animal patterns and much more. (If you've been paying any attention to my recent posts you are sure to have seen some of them paired with different outfits) So this week i decided to challenge myself and put together an outfit i could match with two of the different tie and pocket square combos i received from them. To start i had to find a jacket that could match with the white and blue in one combo and still go well with the red and blue in the other. I already knew i wanted a white button up to keep that simple and a solid color for the pants as well, so i decided to go bold and pair them up with my blue windowpane jacket. For the pants i decided to go with just a mat black pair of chinos (cuffed twice) to help all the lighter colors in my outfit pop. Finally for the shoes i wanted something to also help bring out the blue, so i went with my Johnston & Murphy brown and linen penny loafers.

What i'm wearing